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33 Years Of Excellence In Real Estate
ABOUT Holly Danell


I had amazing role models growing up. My grandparents moved to Los Altos in 1962. My Grandfather was an engineer at Lockheed and my Grandma became a general Contractor after raising 4 children My Mother was the oldest of 4. My father was a fresh new attorney from Burbank and they moved to Los Altos to start their family and Law Practice. Through out their lives they created an amazing Legacy. My Grandfather always had core values! My Grandmother was a very talented and resourceful person. I had a father that was a very prominent attorney I earned a great deal about Law and the process of moving things forward in the real world. I have a passion for Real Estate and Real Estate Development since I was a kid.

One more personal note; I grew up riding horses and I love the Equestrian Sport. I also have a passion for classic cars. I still ride when I can, and I am always looking out for those rare and collectable automobiles.


Growing up in the environment that I did. I think it was only natural that I later decided to start my own Mortgage and Real Estate company after being in Real Estate sales and Real Estate Finance for more that 10 years. “Next Financial and Real Estate” was my success. It was extremely rewarding and I forged relationships that I still have to this day.

At this point in my life I felt it was time to reinvent my business. I am very proud of my success and I have created a very talented team to achieve success. I am always eager for challenges, and looking at things from out of the box. I love selling Real Estate, and negotiating on behalf of my Buyers and Sellers.



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