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Listing Photos: Prepare For Your Home's First Showing

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Listing Photos: Prepare For Your Home's First Showing

“A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words”

Today’s buyers are internet savvy – they check out prospective homes and shortlist their choices through online browsing. The number of houses available to view online makes home purchasing convenient and preferred to today’s buyers. If a house isn’t attractive online, then it will never get a showing in person!

How do you prepare your home for its online debut?

A great realtor knows that the showmanship of your home is a top priority and will come equipped to make it show it at its best.

Here are our golden rules to PHOTOS:

No photos? No Showings!

Buyers won’t even consider a home that doesn’t have online photos available!  Make sure to talk to your real estate agent about how to present your home in the best possible light.  Your Realtor will know how to use the best equipment to showcase your property and highlight the best features.

Dress Up

Remove clutter, clean the surroundings, and if possible, incorporate some latest trends into your home.  Talk to your Realtor to get ideas on updating your home’s look or ask for their staging company. A professional staging company has the expertise to turn your modest home into a magnificent home, and for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Quality matters

Posting any pictures you have lying around of your home is probably not the best marketing strategy.  Buyers need to look at your home at it’s best, in the best lighting that results in clean and clear images.  Getting a professional photographer isn’t always necessary, a good Real Estate agent is often an exceptional photographer.  Go for the high resolution images and with the right lighting and angles, your home will get the most views.

Quantity matters

When it comes to the number of images of your home, the more the better. Get as many as possible from various angles, choose the best, and develop an online catalogue. Buyers reviewing your property photos will become familiar with the home’s floor plan, checking the photos again helps them establish a connection. Remember, buyers like to go back and check the photos after showing, it allows the to visualize themselves in their “new home”.


First impression matters, so don’t skip on the opportunity to make a fabulous imprint on your home’s buyer!!!